Vince Corazza
Basic Info
Full Name: Vincent Corazza
Date of Birth: December 6, 1972
Birth Place: Newmarket, Ontario
Age 39

Vince Corazza is a Canadian-born actor who played Jackal Johnson in The Cheetah Girls.


Corazza began acting at the age of 10. He appeared in both leading and supporting roles in over 100 films, television shows, movies of the week and commercials combined. His credits include the 2003 he television movie The Cheetah Girls for the Disney Channel. Other credits include guest appearances.

Along with his film and television career, Corazza's vocal career has spanned two decades. He has lent his voice talents to over 1000 radio and television commercials. Notable vocal/animation credits include, Alden on Braceface, Tuxedo Mask and Alan of Sailor Moon notoriety.

Corazza played the lead animated character of "Slim" in an IMAX feature entitled "Adventures in Animation 3D".

Corazza also had a role in the horror movie Bless the Child.


  • The Cheetah Girls