Pucci Simmons
Pucci Simmons
Basic Info
Portrayed By: Kyle Saunders
First Appearance: The Cheetah Girls
Family: Juanita Simmons - Mother
Chanel Simmons - Sister
Luc - Stepfather
Friends Galleria Garibaldi
Pucci is Chucie's younger brother. He is nine, pudgy, spoiled to death, and has the biggest collection of Whacky Babies stuffed animals in the jungle.

—Galleria narrates on Pucci.

Pucci Simmons is the younger brother of Chanel Simmons. He is very annoying to the Cheetahs and is nine years old. He also has a wide collection of Whacky Babies toys.


Not much is known about Pucci. He is the son of Juanita Simmons. And now he is the stepson of Luke.


The Cheetah GirlsEdit

He is present when the girls audition with for Drinka. He is snobby and thinks the Cheetahs are not great singers.

Physical ApperanceEdit

Pucci is a Spanish male. He is skinny and has dark curly hair.


  • Pucci's favorite Whacky Babies to is Oscar the Ostrich.