Mrs. Bosco
Mrs. bOSC
Basic Info
Portrayed By: Kim Roberts
First Appearance: The Cheetah Girls (Movie)
Family: 10 Foster Children
Dorinda Thomas - Foster Child
Mr. Bosco - Husband

Mrs. Bosco is a Dorinda Thomas' foster mother. She is okay with most of the stuff Dorinda does, even let her travel to Spain. She and Mr. Bosco have a total of 11 foster kids.


The Cheetah Girls (Movie)Edit

Dorinda hides the fact that she is a foster child from the Cheetahs.

Chanel Simmons comes to give Dorinda some new outfits, but when she goes to the home where she thought Dorinda lived, she is redirected to Mrs. Bosco's home. Mrs. Bosco chats with Chanel briefly, and then tells Dorinda to come get the door. Chanel and the others are shocked that Dorinda is a foster child.

The Cheetah Girls 2Edit

When the Cheetahs try to go to Spain, Dorinda mentioned that Mrs. Bosco doesn't mind that Dorinda is going to Spain.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mrs. Bosco is a black female. She is heavy-set and has dark hair.


  • Mrs. Bosco lives in the superintendent's apartment.