In Concert: The Party's Just Begun Tour
The Cheetah Girls
Released July 10, 2007
Recorded 2007
Length 42:03
Label Walt Disney Records
Produced by Fred Mollin

In Concert: The Party's Just Begun Tour is a live album from The Cheetah Girls. It was released on July 10, 2007. This album is the group's first live album, recorded during one of the group's The Party's Just Begun Tour dates.

Information Edit

The Cheetah Girls recorded songs live at a concert performance in California. The CD was released along with a DVD featuring highlights of the concert. The new original motion picture soundtrack with a CD/DVD combo was released on June 26, 2007. It is rumored that a full DVD featuring the entire concert will be released soon. The CD includes songs from The Cheetah Girls 2 Original Soundtrack as well as The Cheetah Girls Original Soundtrack. The song "Shake a Tail Feather", from the Chicken Little Soundtrack and the group's rendition of "Route 66" is also included on the CD. The track "Falling for You", which was from the group's upcoming studio debut album, TCG but was cut last minute, is also included on the album. Interestingly, the track listing for the album includes the song "Dance With Me", which was used in The Cheetah Girls 2 movie. However, this song is performed by Drew Seeley and Belinda and not by The Cheetah Girls. The song was used on the tour however, for a dance routine. The DVD portion of the release includes a "Meet The Cheetahs" bonus feature.

Tracklisting Edit

Disc 1 (Audio CD)
No. Title Length
1. "The Party's Just Begun" 4:32
2. "Shake a Tail Feather" 3:12
3. "Together We Can" 1:39
4. "Route 66" 3:05
5. "Strut" 3:59
6. "Falling for You" 4:15
7. "Cinderella" 3:30
8. "Dance with Me" 1:54
9. "Step Up" 4:24
10. "Growl Power" 3:23
11. "Cheetah Sisters" 2:48
12. "Amigas Cheetahs" 5:20
Total length: 42:03
Disc 2 (Concert DVD)
  1. "The Party's Just Begun" (live)
  2. "Strut" (live)
  3. "Step Up" (live)
  4. "Dance with Me" (live)
  5. "Girl Power" (live)
  6. "Cheetah Sisters" (live)
  7. "Amigas Cheetahs" (live)
  8. "Meet the Cheetahs" (bonus track)
  9. Bonus 12 minute interview

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first live album released by The Cheetah girls.
  • The phrase "Girl Power" in the group's song of the same name was changed to the phrase "Growl Power" for the tour. The tracklisting for this album, however, retains the original title of Girl Power despite the change of lyrics.
  • It is stated in the booklet to this record that the album is dedicated to the memory of Ray Cham, who wrote the song "Girls Power".
  • The album was recorded at one of the tour stops in California.