Dorothea Garibaldi
Basic Info
Portrayed By: Lynn Whitfield
First Appearance: The Cheetah Girls
Family: Galleria Garibaldi - (daughter)
Francobollo Garibaldi - (husband)
Aqua Walker - (niece)
Angie Walker - (niece)
Friends Juanita Simmons, Lola Duran

Dorothea Garibaldi is the mother of Galleria Garibaldi. She is very protective of her family and friends. She is a fashion designer. She is currently married to Mr. Garibald i.


Not much is known about Dorothea, except she had Galleria.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Dorothea is a black female. She has light brown hair. In the books Dorothea is a size-eighteen (which in Galleria's eyes is a "Class-A Diva"). She is also six-feet tall.


  • She is close with Aqua Walker due to their love for fashion.