Basic Info
Portrayed By: Johnie Chase
First Appearance: The Cheetah Girls (Movie)
Friends Dorinda Thomas

Doorman is a attendant to a nearby building to Dorinda Thomas.


The Cheetah Girls (Movie)Edit

Every time Dorinda was dropped off by one of her Cheetah friends, she would go up to the Doorman and pretended to act like it was her house, since she was a foster child.

One day, when Chanel goes to where she saw Dorinda got dropped off, she goes to the Doorman and asks for the Thomas's. The Doorman states that their is no Thomas's. Chanel doesn't believe him and gives him a description of Dorinda, and he points her to Dorinda's real home.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Doorman is a black male. He is also heavy-set, and has a mustaches. His work outfit requires a Red coat and black pants, and a red cap.

Film PortrayalEdit

Doorman is portrayed by Johnie Chase in the franchise.


The Cheetah Girls movie appearances
The Cheetah Girls (Movie) "The Cheetah Girls: When In Spain" "The Cheetah Girls 3"


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